Longstanding History of the Holiday Maker and British Coast

Annual holidays are what everyone looks forward to throughout those long months of winter gloom. Eventually the magic day arrives and a feverous over excited mad rush ensues.

Packing cases, stuffing clothes and essentials into bags, making sure the kids have their belongings, checking dad has packed his razor and making sure the dog has all his necessary – it’s a frenetic dash to be out the door on time and on the road for a few weeks of well-earned fun in the sun.

Wherever your choice of destination this summer, there’s a long history linking the UK holiday scene and the coast – as this infographic from C4 Caravans clearly shows.

History-of-the-UK-Holiday-infographic (1)From the 1700s, when people first started to head to the beach for a health kick, to the Victorian pleasure pier boom of the 1800s, through to the holiday camp craze of the 1900s and the revival of the UK staycation in the present day – the British seaside has never been far away when it comes to planning some well-earned R&R.

Hopefully next time you head off into the wide blue yonder you’ll have a better understanding of how holidays became a regular part of our culture. Without those early pioneering individuals with big ideas, such as Thomas Cook and John Fletcher Dodd, we might still be venturing no more than a few miles from our front doors!