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We received an email yesterday, here is the basic thread…

“The UK Beach Guide website has moved on from your Coast Radar mobile App, do you have any plan to update the Apple App?”

“As Google is looking for Mobile friendly websites we have put a lot of work into creating a single platform that works on all devices. This means you don’t need to use the old App Store application. Just go to on your phone, and you can select ‘Add to Home Screen’.”

“Thanks, this is great! Really makes the locate me and track feature on the map pages. I didn’t realise you could use websites as apps!”

The UK Beach Guide is designed for any device and our personal preference is when we use it on my iPad.

UK-Beach-Guide-iPadUK-Beach-Guide-iPhoneWe thought we would create a quick post as it seems a lot of people were not aware of the ability to save a website to the home screen.

If you browse to on your phone you should see an icon for forwarding and along with the ability to Print and Share you will see an “Add to Home Screen”. When clicked you will be prompted to add a title, we suggest “UK Beaches”. Make sure you are on the home page of the website when clicking Add as it makes for a better experience. You will now see the application on your main screen along with your Apple Store Apps.

Although it is easy for the user to hit the add button it actually required a lot of work on our front to make sure it all works.

The main problem was making the navigation work. By default when you click a link Apple will try and open the new page in safari meaning that although you are within the App you actually jump straight out into the browser and so loose all the feeling of being within an application. I am hoping we have caught all the cases and our UK Beach Guide once added to the home screen can be run just as a normal application.

Please be aware that we require the phone to have data connectivity as we use interactive maps and queries to make sure you have all the best information at your finger tips.

The coolest bit of the UK Beach Guide when out and about is the interactive map as it has a “Locate Me” and “Track Me” feature. Locate me will just direct the map to your current location and if you then select Track Me, we will automatically re-position the map as you move. Great feature for finding the local beach cafe or the hidden cove.


If you see any problems or want to see extra features then just drop us a line as a comment here, on our facebook page or Twitter.

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