Coast Radar Test new Beta

We have launched a new beta version of our website that consists of a complete re-write based on feedback from our users.

Coast Radar BetaYou can see it at

Please have a play and offer any suggestions for further improvement.

Some key elements of the new design:

  • The website adapts or is responsive to the device being used by the visitor. Rather than just showing very small text or asking for users to move to a special mobile version we adjust the design to meet the device size being used.
  • Complete new navigation letting the user browse regions a lot easier.
  • Map search by default jumps to your current location showing you what is available nearby.
  • We were asked to provide an area for people to ask for advice from people that know an area. Thus we are in the process of expanding our facebook, youtube and twitter accounts.
  • The website will be hosted on a Content Delivery Network making it much faster but the Beta does not offer this so will be a little slower than when we go live.

We hope to launch towards the end of February or early March.