Why Join Us?

Every day are you bombarded with emails from websites promising to increase your bookings for a small listing fee? But if these websites are not specifically targeted to your customers then it does not matter how small the listing fee is – it’s effectively money wasted. The UK Beaches Guide website and social media channels are browsed only by people looking to visit the coast.

I ran a self catering business for years and understand the need to get your own website visible for relevant online searches made. To achieve this it is a balance of working on your own site but also getting other relevant industry and information sites to describe and point at your own site. This helps two fold, the first is to send visitors to your site from these other sites and also to let the search engines understand that your site has value because these other relevant sites are talking about and directing their own visitors to you.

So when you list on the UK Beaches Guide not only should we generate more enquiries for you, each listing you make should also gradually increase the ranking of your own website so that you receive more direct enquiries too.

This site is run by a single person and in an ideal world I would like to offer free listings, but have to charge the small listing fees to pay for administration, design, maintenance, support, and hosting of the website. But rather than setting a price I will allow you to pay whatever you think a 12 month listing is worth to you, all you need to do is enter an amount you see as value and in return I will add a listing.

Pay what you think we are worth
ie. make a donation to our upkeep


Some examples,

  • Restaurant £55, the cost of a meal for two
  • Beach cafe £24, a coffee and cake for two
  • Hotel B&B £45, one night stay
  • Surf school £30, a lesson

So What is a Business Listing?

The full business listing gives your business great visibility providing:

  • Listing for 12 months
  • Contact details, photos and unlimited text
  • Links to your website, facebook and twitter pages.
  • All your text will be searchable through our search tools
  • Listed on all interactive maps (country, regional and individual listing pages)
  • Integrate your booking/availability calendars (if using 3rd party calendars)
  • Can be added and saved on user buckets
  • Will be pushed out through our social media channels
  • Will be indexed on all search engines
  • Unlimited changes

Businesses must have a full address as everything is based around a map marker. Thus, we don't accept internet only businesses.

Simply purchase a listing and I will be in touch to make it happen.

Blogger Outreach or Any other Ideas

We are always open for any other suggestions or partnerships with bloggers and businesses in the travel industry.

Just reach out to us on any of our social channels or by picking up the phone.

Success Stories

July 2016
we helped generate in excess of £6,500 bookings for our advertisers

4 month Summer 2016 (June to end of Sept) we generated Premier Inn 47 bookings at a value of £5,026.

UK Beaches has increased our out of season bookings and helped our own website google ranking with good inbound linking. We paid the equivalent of one mid season night, excellent valueSarah - Pebble Cottage

Just a single booking is worth an average £1000, great advertising platform.

One booking averages 10 times the advert cost, no brainer!

Hoseasons are averaging 1 booking per week with sale value greater than £200

Website Stats

Unique visitors:

  • 2016: July: 72,344 , August: 93,045


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