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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Ian Barnes, the guy behind the UK Beaches Guide - this website, blog and social media channels.

I created this site as I was getting frustrated in the number of websites I had to visit when investigating possible destinations in the UK for next years summer holiday. With a family I needed to cope with "I'm bored what can we do next.." questions and so needed something more than just a local beach, and to get the range of information needed it became too time consuming.

Through my great interest in the UK's beaches and coastline I decided to start recording it, in doing this I created a single platform to help others find what they needed quickly and easily. This in turn could provide a means for local coastal businesses to reach potential customers.

Originaly the site was but in 2014 was renamed to to better represent what the site had come to represent. It was harder to refocus our social channels so these were left as @coastradar but in late 2015 have moved over to the new brand #ukbeaches.

My main purpose with this site and blog is to inspire beachgoers to see the beauty of UK Beaches and the wider UK Coast and to show you how possible and affordable it is.

  Dictionary: Noun: A person who goes to the beach
  UK Beaches Guide: Noun: A person who loves beaches and the coast

It does not matter if you are planning a staycation or just a day out at the beach the information should be here to help.



P.S. This is not run by a company but is one person's hobby, that's me, feel free to contact me any time if you have any question or want to say hi!

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UK Beaches Guide visitors are seeking information about coastal areas and in particular, things to do, places to eat, stay and shop.

This site is a hobby run by one person and listings are here to help small businesses and cover my costs. To get a listing all you need to do is enter an amount you see as value and in return I will add a listing.

For example, if you a restaurant this could be the average cost of a meal for two or if a beach cafe then a coffee and cake for two.

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