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England has 4,422 km (2,748 mi) of coastline, that varies by the seas and regions it borders. The North Sea coast of England is mainly flat and sandy with many dunes. The English Channel on the South Coast has some steep cliffs, the most famous being the white cliffs at Dover.

England currently has 66 Blue Flag beaches.

The South Coast heads away from the cliffs through the pebble beaches of East and West Sussex to the Isle of Wight, and eventually gives way to the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, a coastline rich in beauty, history and fossils.

Devon and Cornwall takes on a more rocky coastline, with cliffs and small fishing villages. Land's End in Cornwall marks the western most part of mainland England.

Heading north from Land's End the coastline remains much the same as in south Devon and Cornwall but is besides the Celtic Sea until it eventually reaches the Bristol Channel

Wales takes over but the English coastline continues in the North West which is similar to the North Sea coast in that it is mainly flat and sandy. The English Irish Sea coast is an important area of estuaries and bird life. Liverpool and Merseyside are areas of high population and important industry along this coast, with tourist resorts of Southport and Blackpool being further to the north. The English Irish Sea coast hosts two important geographic areas, Morecambe Bay, a large bay, and the Furness and Walney Island areas. Further north into Cumbria the Sellafield Nuclear Power Station lies along this coast. The English section of the Irish Sea coast ends at the border with Scotland in the Solway Firth.

The East coast at the Scottish border we head South through the rugged Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire coasts, then start to see a change and hit flatter sandier coastline at Lincolnshire, hop across the Wash and visit sleepier counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. At Essex we then start to see a busier coastline influenced by it's close location to London before hitting the Thames estuary.

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