Combe Gibbet

Hampshire, Hampshire, UK


Combe Gibbet, Hampshire, Hampshire

Combe Gibbet is an historical but grisly reminder of the popularity of hanging in the 17th Century in England.

This gibbet is interesting as it is a double gibbet which stands over seven metres high in the middle of a Neolithic long barrow.  It was put up to hang a farm labourer from Bombe and a widow from Inkpen who were allegedly having an affair and murdered the farm labourers wife and son by beating them to death near to the spot where the gibbet now stands!

They were hung in 1676 and you will find a record of their trial in the Western Circuit Gaol Book in Winchester Library!

The reason the gibbet is on the border of Combe and Inkpen is that neither side would assume the costs of erecting the gibbet so they split it.  An interesting tale and an area that gives you a few goosebumps! 

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