Bristol Castle Park

Bristol, Bristol City, UK


Bristol’s Castle Park is a green haven for the residents of this city.

The attraction is the myriad of plants and green space where children can play, friends can catch up and families enjoy time out.

There is wildlife in the park and the ‘mound’, grass amphitheatre and ‘urban’ forest all provide places where plants can flourish. Named after the castle, this park has been around for centuries although not in this form. Historically it was a place full of houses and shops and some remains are still there today.

St Peters Church and St Mary-le-Port are some of the ruins that remind residents of the bombing raids of WWII. There is a memorial to the 1 300 people who died in Bristol during the Blitz on the east wall of St Peter's church. The D Day landings are commemorated by the seven Silver Birch trees in the Peace Park.

There have been numerous commissions by artists and craftspeople as a result of the Public Art Castle Park Project (1991/1993) where by the city centre park underwent refurbishment. Artworks include railings by Alan Evans, Jim Horrobin and Matthew Fedden, seating by Alan Tilbury, Alan Peters and Illingworth & Partridge, sculptures by Peter Randall Page and Ann Christopher, banners by Tony Eastman, Vizability and Sue Ridge, waste baskets by Dail Behannah, bridge by James McCullough, play area designed by Andy Frost, ceramic floor by Vic Moreton, fountain by Kate Malone and carved lettering by Sarah More, with poetry by Denis Casling.

The Bandstand at the east end is used by the general public, for events, impromptu music, picnics and as a shelter.

Castle Play Park contains large wooden turreted climbing frames and sand pit for children to play on and the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path runs through the park next to the floating harbour.

A quirky but endearing addition to the park is the raised vegetable bed added in 2010 next to the cycle path, and free for all to harvest when ripe.

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