Bembridge lifeboat station

Bembridge , Isle of Wight, UK


Bembridge lifeboat station, Bembridge , Isle of Wight

Bembridge Lifeboat station is a key station strategically situation on the Solent which is known as one of the busiest shipping lanes in English waters.

Over 900 lives have been saved by the volunteers at Bembridge. In 1922 an all weather lifeboat house was built but demolished in 2009 and they are now proud users of the new station completed in 2010!

There are approximately 23 volunteers at Bembridge along with three other permanent staff and they come from all walks of life. The service is a charity that relies heavily on public funding and has been needed more in the past few years than ever before with the increase in leisure craft being used on the Solent.

Their next project is to build a boat house for the new Tamar class lifeboat that enables them to respond faster and allows greater safety for the crew. The original boat house is crumbling and there is little space for equipment, training and visitors!

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