Walbury Hill

Hampshire, Hampshire, UK


Walbury Hill, Hampshire, Hampshire

Walbury Hill is claimed to be the highest natural point in the South East being 3 metres higher than Leith Hill in Surrey.

It lies between Combe and Inkpen and is famous for the Iron Age Hill Fort called Walbury Camp and Combe Gibbet which stands on Gallows Down!

The hill fort is an iron age enclosure with evidence of prehistoric farming close by suggesting that it was used for keeping cattle safe.  The banks and ditches are best seen from the car park. Some coins were found there but it is debatable whether they were lost by travellers using the route.

It forms the starting point for the Wayfarers walk which is about six miles long and takes your through the highest villages in the area giving you fantastic views of Hampshire and the Kennet Valley. It is a wonderful walk but a bit taxing and you’ll need to take refreshments and a mobile with you! 

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