Newport Arch

Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK


Newport Arch still stands as a gate to the city of Lincoln in Lincolnshire in England.

In Roman times the arch was part of the entrance to Lindium, a 3rd century fortress and is now listed as the oldest arch still used by traffic, in England!

The ancient fort of which this arch was part of is now covered over by Lincoln Castle and the town expanded down the hill as is evident by the wonderful examples of Greek and Italian marble and mosaic pavements to be found there.

The arch looks smaller today as the modern road through has raised the original height of the road over two metres. Other remains indicate the influence of the Roman Empire on the town as the northern tower ruins of the east gate are to be seen outside the Eastgate Hotel and there’s a well close to the cathedral giving evidence of the ancient fresh water system.

The road through the arch took traffic down the main Roman road (now Ermine Street) north to the Humber.

The arch is made from a single ring of large limestone voussoirs which rise up from imposts that look moulded.  There are many such arches found throughout the world but this one is believed to be an excellent example of Roman skill. 

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