Deers Den

Kintore, Aberdeenshire, UK


Deers Den is site of historical importance as it has mesolithic remains and Iron Age artefacts from the days when it was a Roman Camp.

The site covers about 120 acres  but has been built over by the town as well but it's important as it's realted to the Severan invasion in about 200 CE. This camp was one of a chain of Roman Camps on the South to North road to support invasion and exploration of Scotland.

Excavated by Murry Cook, this is one of the largest excavation of this nature in Scotland with the recovered internal features of the marching camp being a rare find along with a superb example of roundhouses and Neolithic Pottery. Apparently this camp was occupied by Romans in 120 AD during Agricola's invasion and again during the late 2nd century AD during Commodus rule.

This is a wonderful site to visit with the family as it's full of history

Other things to do in the area include:

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