Poltross Burn Milecastle

Gilsland, Cumbria, UK


Poltross Burn Milecastle also known as Milecastle 48 and "The King's Stables", is one of the milecastles on Hadrian's Wall. It measures 18m by 21m and two barracks buildings are visible, one either side of the main north to south road. It is built with broad gauge defensive walls, including stub 'wing walls' which join onto the Narrow Wall curtain of Hadrian's Wall on either side. It has Type III gateways. It lies 1521m west of Milecastle 47 and 1458m east of Milecastle 49.

The distinguishing feature of this milecastle is the stair base in the north-east corner, since the first few steps survive, allowing a wall walk height of 3.6m to be projected, suggesting a height for the curtain wall (including parapet) of 4.6m.

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