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The Scottish Highlands coast and beaches

The Highlands of Scotland occupy the northern most part of the United Kingdom and its dramatic scenery encompasses mountains, glens, beautiful islands and breathtaking beaches along its hundreds of miles of coastline. Reachable by road, rail and an international airport, this is a part of the country you will want to explore slowly. The Highlands encompass both the northern half of mainland Scotland as well as the Outer Hebrides, the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands which all have separate entries in this coastal guide.

Discover the Scotland of your imagination here in the Highlands - an ancient country with a rich heritage and with some of the most amazing wildlife you'll ever see. Wherever you look you'll find scenery to amaze and astound. Choose from the towering peaks of Glen Coe, Ben Hope and Canisp or maybe Eas a' Chual Aluinn, the highest waterfall in the United Kingdom.

For those who like to take part in outdoor pursuits, there is a wealth of activities to thrill in the Highlands. From a host of opportunities for climbing, mountain biking, skiing and the snowboarding in the hills to taking to the many different waters around the coast for kayaking and windsurfing, you won't be disappointed!

The very many beaches around the Highlands mainland as well as Islands' coast are well-known for offering you seclusion, dramatic surf, towering cliffs and stunning views.

Attractions to see in this area include:

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The Scottish Highlands Beach List

We have 40 beaches in our The Scottish Highlands beach list.

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