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Aberdeenshire coast and beaches

Aberdeenshire has over 200km of coastline with beaches. The area is known for its rugged coastline, mysterious glens and still loch waters bordered by the majestic mountains of Cairngorms National Park. Hiking is good here with many trails to choose from as you escape the hustle of the city to meander through the villages and ancient towns. If you crave adventure, this is the place for you.

The coast starts within the city! The beach is about a mile long and has white sands dotted with beachside cafes and frequented by surfers and city slickers. There's a fantastic Maritime Museum in Footdee (Pronounced Fittie), a lovely old village perched on the beach! As you move along the coast you'll discover quaint harbour towns like Stonehaven with the ruins of Dunnottar Castle standing guard above the harbour, tasty seafood to satisfy your appetite after all that sea air and some great, friendly pubs!

The Moray Firth is home to the bottle nosed dolphins, seals and porpoise and there are eight nature reserves along the coastal trail where you can see puffin, osprey, guillemot and plovers as well!

The Coastal Trail (click for map) takes you along a truly picturesque path full of cliffs, coves, beaches, villages and sandy bays as you walk through the reserves or follow the coast through some of the most unspoilt parts of the United Kingdom.

Interactive map of Aberdeenshire: explore and research the Aberdeenshire coastline - looking at beaches, things to do, places to stay, eat and visit.

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