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The United Kingdom (UK) coast covers over 19,491 miles or 13,000 km including the islands with in excess of 1400 accessible beaches.

Nowhere in the UK is the coastline more than seventy miles away making the country an ideal spot for those of us who love beaches, seaside towns, bays, peninsulas, headlands, islands and coves. There are over one thousand islands to be visited but only two hundred and ninety of them are permanently inhabited. The UK coast offers places of outstanding natural beauty and endless leisure and lifestyle attractions whether it's a few hours of walking, a day on the beach, short break or a holiday.

Explore the best beaches and wonderful coastline of the regions in the United Kingdom by clicking on the individual regions/states to the right or have a look at one of the UK's Blue Flag Beaches and explore the area surrounding it. Each beach is shown along with nearby attractions, accommodation and places to eat and shop.

A quick overview of coastal regions we think you must see: Brighton, Kent, Isle of Wight, Cornwall, Beachy Head.

Brighton's Long Beach and the coastline of Kent are popular with locals for their sophistication whereas the Yorkshire coast, the Isle of Wight and Cornwall shoreline are all preferred by tourists. The wildness of those areas attract ornithologists and those who just want to see Puffins and seals. Fishermen's villages and pubs are a big attraction as are the White Cliffs of Dover and Beachy Head.

Even more rugged and majestic is the Scottish coast but, if you are into milder climates and leisurely resorts the shores of Wales will be best. The Channel Islands (Guernsey, Jersey and Sark) are famous for coastal countryside, shopping and megalithic ruins with Jersey being one of the best spots in the UK for hiking and exquisite cuisine.

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UK Weather

The above charts average the UK but in general the weather is colder and wetter on the North coasts than on the South coasts.

One item we are sure you will be interested in is the sea temperature. The North Sea is colder than the North Atlantic as the later benefits from the Gulf Stream, so it tends to be warmer in the South than the North and then the West than in the East. Overall, the average sea temperature in the UK ranges from 6-13 °C in the North and 8-17 °C in the South, with the coldest month being February and the warmest August.


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