26 May

Watch Out for Hidden Airline Charges this Holiday Season

What are those hidden fees and extra charges added to cheap flights?

Airlines are notorious for their hidden charges and especially now there are so many offering ‘discounted’ fares.

Additional charges like baggage charges, check in fees, payment charges and seating costs can add a lot to the cost of that bargain flight you bagged online. Sometimes it’s worth just buying a ticket from a reputable airline and paying a ‘normal’ ticket price!

Here are some of the ways to avoid those extra costs this Summer.

1.  It starts with airport parking

Airport parking can set you back over £100 if you’re away for a week or more and depending on whether you choose to self park, be under cover or out in the open.

While it is best to use public transport, it’s not always possible. Book online and book early is our tip and you’ll cut the cost by around a third!

2. Card payment fees

Cheap flight airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet put the cost of paying by debit and credit cards into your ticket price!

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to avoid this but you need to bear that in mind when you choose an airline to fly with.

<lockDown_TSA80-93. Cases cost money

Every suitcase you take on holiday costs you money. Check how much before you buy a ticket and then check the total cost against other airlines who don’t charge you for luggage.

Alternatively, make the decision to only take hand luggage especially if you’re going on a short break. If you do pay for luggage, weight it before you go as the airline will make you empty it if you’re overweight! Remember that handbags are now part of your hand luggage allowance.

You can pay for an additional bag online which is cheaper than paying for it at the check in.

4. Passenger duty and tax

Some airlines include this, some don’t.  Check before you book! It’s quite a bit of extra to add to the ticket cost.

5.  Check in fees at the airport

You are charged for checking in online by RyanAir now! You’re also charged for getting your boarding pass printed off at the airport and that can add up to £40 to the price of your flight. You may want to find out which airline charges for these things in addition to the cost of the ticket by looking online or calling them upfront.

6. Seating costs

Yes, you can be charged for booking a specific seat!

Priority boarding is often attractive but let’s face it, you all get on the plane in the end and it can’t take off without you if you’re at the gate on time so why worry about paying the extra?

7.  Toilet fees

I’m only speculating here but it could happen!

We all assume discount airlines offer genuinely cheaper flights but that’s not always the case when you’ve added in the extras that are ‘hidden’. Read up online what is and is not included before you buy your ticket and make sure you know the baggage and check in rules well in advance.

Shop around and compare a discount airline ticket with those form national airlines like British Airways as well. That way you’ll pay less in the long run!

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