21 May

Pay What You Want Business Listing

The UK Beaches Guide is offered as a FREE resource and is just run by myself but this year I am seeing more and more people using the website with ad blockers.

Ad blocking or ad filtering is removing or altering advertising content in a webpage. The UK Beaches Guide has a number of ads and I don’t think they cause problems with the visitor experience but the few pounds I make enable to cover costs.

This year has so far seen an increase in the people visiting with ad blockers and at the same time the success of the website is making me spend more money on hosting resources. This obviously does not create a sustainable environment and although this site is run as a hobby by myself I am happy to give my time for free, I do need to cover the costs. If this continues then this may well be the last year for the UK Beaches Guide.

I do have some advertising packages but it seems small businesses don’t want to spend, I have tried various price ranges and at £45 per year I don’t think this is outrageous but I just can’t get the take-up. I have now changed this out of desperation and have changed to a donation system. If you donate then I will add a listing for the year. All I ask is please be aware that I spend time to add a listing and so when donating think that it takes me 30 minutes to get a listing live on the website.

We see our visitors go through the roof on a hot day and these are people looking to visit somewhere on the spur of the moment and they not only look for the beaches or places to visit but do search for cafe, pubs and restaurants. The site works well for mobile devices and is being used by people whilst at the coast.

This is why my appeal for help comes in.

If you are or know of any small business by the coast can you please consider helping this resource and at the same time getting some good visibility.

Pay what you want and get a listing!

If I can’t get my costs covered with listings then 2016 may be the last year.

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