Goring Beach, Worthing

Worthing, West Sussex, England, UK

Goring Beach, Worthing, West Sussex
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Goring beach is just along from the long main Worthing beach. Pebble beach with compact sand at mid to low tide and is backed by a large grassy area.

Ideal location for kitesurfing as you have the green behind the beach which provides the ideal place to set-up and meet fellow kitesurfers. Best kite conditions is either side of mid tide.


You have road parking and two car parks at either end of this beach, Marine Crescent and Sea Lane. At Sea Lane you have a licensed cafe, shop and toilets.

Beach Huts and fishing boats launch from the beach and if your timing is good you can by some fresh fish just caught.

We have no dog information for Goring beach.

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Tides & Weather

Tide Times & Heights for Worthing on 19th January 2017

03:48 - High Tide (5.47m)
09:38 - Low Tide (1.49m)
16:05 - High Tide (5.08m)
22:00 - Low Tide (1.56m)

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