Sandwood Bay Beach, Blairmore

Blairmore, The Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK

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Sandwood Bay is a natural bay on the far north-west coast of Scotland and lies about 5 miles south of Cape Wrath. Spend time exploring the mile of golden sand and dunes, with rocky cliffs and the Am Buachaille, a giant sea stack. The large sandstone stack, Gaelic for The Herdsman, was first climbed in 1968 by Tom Patey and Ian Clough.

Behind the bay's large sand dunes, stretches Sandwood Loch - a freshwater loch full of brown and sea trout.

This beach is remote with no road access, but is easily reached by a 4.5 mile long walk from the hamlet of Blairmore along a bleak fairly flat moorland track.

The beach is a good place to spot dolphins and other marine mammals.

Local legends include a sighting of a reclining mermaid of ravishing beauty on the rocks in the bay in 1900.



Car park is at Blairmore and then the beach is a 4.5 mile walk.

Dog Restrictions  Dog restrictions on this beach

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Sandwood Bay Beach Review Rating: 4 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

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Dogs allowed but must be kept on lead as sheep roam free.

Sandwood Bay Beach Reviews

Sandwood Bay Beach -  30 Sep 2012 - By Anonymous -  Highlight of the Highlands
Rating: 4  (location = , activites = , families = , relaxation = )

Tourists don't come this far north, only travellers, people with a sense of adventure and wonder.  People that want to see what the majority miss. So, you've come this far, what's another 4.5miles? meander thought the wild untamed natural landscape of the north west.  As you get closer to the beach you will start to smell sea, to hear the sounds of the waves crashing on to the shore and the sea birds crying overhead.  You'll pass Sandwood Loch on your right, climb up the last of the dunes and filially look down at an endless white sandy beach that just seems to go on and on and on.  We found a sheltered dune, unpacked our picnic and just watched.  The sun came out, the wind was warm and there was no one there.  Just as we were about to pour our next cup of tea a handful of bouncy young things launched themselves onto the beach with whoops of joy and amused us for an hour as we watched them doing a mix of yoga and pilates - a more perfect spot will be hard to find.

Things to know: there are no loo's on the beach, no burger vans, no ice cream vendors no anything.... just sun, sand, peace and space. 

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