Jersey Marine Beach, Swansea

Swansea, Swansea Bay and The Gower, Wales, UK

Jersey Marine Beach, Swansea, Swansea Bay and The Gower

Jersey Marine beach stretches from the River Neath estuary to Swansea Docks. It is backed by sand dunes at Crymlyn Burrows to the north.

It is a very quiet beach compared to its neighbour, partly due to limited access.


No facilities listed.

We have no dog information for Jersey Marine beach.


Heavy industrial sites are prominent to the eastern and western ends of the beach.

Tides & Weather

Tide Times & Heights for Swansea on 27th May 2016

04:01 - Low Tide (1.77m)
10:26 - High Tide (8.30m)
16:13 - Low Tide (2.02m)
22:49 - High Tide (8.23m)

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