Emsworth Harbour Beach, Chichester

Chichester, Hampshire, England, UK

Emsworth Harbour Beach, Chichester, Hampshire
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Emsworth Harbour beach is a small shingle beach tucked away in the south east corner of Hampshire on the shore of Chichester Harbour.

The small town of Emsworth is quiet but very pretty where visitors can be sure of a friendly welcome. It is popular with sailors, artists, naturalists and walkers and has a long history with oyster fishing. Famous residents have included Sir Peter Blake, Nicholas Lyndhurst and P.G. Wodehouse.

The harbour itself is quaint and filled with leisure sailing boats and a few fishing vessels. There is a lot to do and see here from paddling, lounging in a deck chair, shucking oysters, ambling around the village shops, stopping off at the pub and rounding the day off with a fish and chip supper! 

There are two millponds that are host to a wide selection of wildlife and birdlife.

  • The Town Millpond: circular level route suitable for all ages. At low tide can explore stoney beach and foreshore.
  • Slipper Millpond: on the easter side of Emsworth has interesting walks.

They are tidal and give a lovely feel to the little town along with the mixed architectural styles of the buildings and the high walled gardens setting off the magnificent ocean views.

If you enjoy sailing book a trip on The Terror. This is the last remaining oyster boat from a large fleet and takes only 6 passengers on a two hour trip. It is good fun!

Emsworth Harbour beach is in a picturesque market town by the river Ems called Emsworth, popular with sailors and walkers. The harbour is at the top end of Chichester Harbour.


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Harbour is the home to two sailing clubs.

Tides & Weather

Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) on 18th January 2017

03:19 - High Tide (4.61m)
08:33 - Low Tide (1.41m)
15:32 - High Tide (4.40m)
20:59 - Low Tide (1.40m)

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