Dhoon Beach, Kirkcudbright

Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, UK

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Dhoon Beach, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway

Dhoon is a sandy beach approx. 350m long within Kirkcudbright Bay, and also known as Dun Mill Bay. The beach slopes gently into the water making it a great swimming beach although it all but disappears at high tide.

The beach has some interesting rocks, is backed by grass areas and surrounded by trees. At low tide you have some great swimming and some rocks to explore, you even get to see a shipwreck.

The wreck is of the schooner Monreith of Wigtown wrecked in the Kirkcudbright Bay on the 12th November 1900.


Car parking and picnic area.

We have no dog information for Dhoon beach.


You need to be careful if going out to the wreck as the beach turns from compact sand to mud flats.

Dhoon Reviews

Dhoon Beach -  14 Sep 2015 - By Anonymous -  Still the same after 20 years, perfect and breatht
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I've just been back after nearly 20 years to the beach my children played on with bucket and spade It's unchanged; the 'Monreith' wrecked in 1900, still there. Still that expanse of clean sand and shallow water stretching way out and the pale hues of cloud and sky so typical of Scotland. The only sound is of rippling tide and birds' cries . The white house on the right, few people and those I saw were just like my own children years ago digging away making sandcastles. Peaceful , calm and full of memories. I'm so happy that I can send my .photos to the 'children' now with their own , far away in Canada so they can see the beach they loved , just as it . I put 5 stars for activities ,meaning: Digging and making sandcastles, wading , swimming, paddling in safe shallow water, walking all along looking for crabs among rocks,collecting shells, going to wreck (careful of mud flats) Taking dog swimming. NO swings or park activity or food sold or ice cream. That is why it is so perfectly clean and not a piece of paper in sight. Seaside and nothing else.Let it always be so.

Tides & Weather

Tide Times & Heights for Kirkcudbright Bay on 27th October 2016

04:24 - Low Tide (1.51m)
10:20 - High Tide (6.68m)
16:43 - Low Tide (1.77m)
22:35 - High Tide (6.91m)

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