Bordeaux Beach, St Sampson

St Sampson, Channel Islands, , UK

Bordeaux is separated into two bays by an L-shaped granite pier and slipway. The northern bay is where a number of small fishing and pleasure boats are moored. When the tide is up, the pier is a popular spot for children to jump off into the shallow water. The southern beach has a narrow pebble bank at the top which leads onto the sand. It is a popular paddling spot for young families and you'll often find snorkellers exploring around the rocks when the tide is high.

At the northern perimeter there is a car park that leads to the northern coastal path. At low tide, a short walk north leads you to Paradis Island which can be accessed down the deep pebble beach. On extreme low tides, the Bordeaux area makes for good exploring around the tiny islands and rocky outcrops. From the southern car parks, a short walk south takes you towards Vale Castle. Care should be taken when crossing the road as both access points to the castle are on blind bends on the road.


There are toilets at the southern end of area next to the very popular kiosk which is often busy. Many people stop off at the car parks when the tide is high to watch the passing boats travelling north and south through the Little Russel which is the main transit into St Peter Port. There is a small recycling facility in the southern car park.

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Swimmers should be aware that Guernsey's strongest tidal currents pass Bordeaux and so they shouldn't stray too far from the shore.

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