Pendine Sands Beach, St Clears

St Clears, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK

Pendine Sands beach is a 7 mile (11km) stretch of flat sand within Carmarthen Bay. It stretches from Gilman Point and the village of Pendine in the west to Laugharne Sands in the east.

Due to the beaches length and flat firm sand it was used for speed record attempts, with Malcolm Campbell, J. G. Parry-Thomas, Forresti in Djelmo and then Donald Campbell in 2000.

Just to the West you have a small bay of Morfa Bychan which is well worth the short walk.


Pendine village has parking, shops, caravan park and places to eat.

We have no dog information for Pendine Sands beach.

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During the 2nd World War the sands were used as a firing range. The beach is still owned by the Ministry of Defence with signs warning of the danger of unexploded munitions. The beach from Monday to Friday has areas closed off because of MOD operations.

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