Top 10 Lancashire Beaches

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1. Half Moon Bay Beach, Heysham

Half Moon Bay Beach.A sandy beach in Half Moon Bay with grass covered dunes and low cliffs. At low tide you have a great expanse of flat sand. The beach is backed by the small town of Heysham, and to the south...

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2. Morecambe North Beach, Morecambe

Morecambe North Beach.Morecambe North beach is a sand and shingle beach within a traditional seaside town with amusements and promenade. You have views over the sands of Morecambe Bay....

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3. Pilling Sands Beach, Fleetwood

Pilling Sands Beach.Pilling Sands is a large sandy beach at low tide with salt marshes looking North to Morecambe Bay. Pilling Sands is a popular beach for kite sports, horse ridding or dog walking....

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4. The Golden Mile Beach, Blackpool

The Golden Mile Beach.The Blackpool Golden Mile is the central stretch of sand and promenade that runs between Blackpool's north and south piers, and has been famous as the home of British seaside culture for over a cen...

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5. Hest Bank Beach, Lancaster

Hest Bank Beach.Hest Bank beach is a sandy beach within Morecambe bay that is backed by a grassy area. The sandflats and saltmarshes form the Morecambe Bay - Hest Bank RSPB reserve....

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6. Hightown Beach, Formby

Hightown Beach.Hightown beach is mainly sandy backed by sand dunes and is the site of a former wartime military base known as Fort Crosby.The beach is actually split either side of the River Alt....

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7. St Annes Beach, Blackpool

St Annes Beach.A few miles down the coast from Blackpool St Anne's is a great contrast to the bustling Blackpool Beach. The beach is very long, and when the tide is out it can take a long walk to get to t...

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8. Sandylands Beach, Morecambe

Sandylands Beach.Sandylands beach is a large flat sandy beach that joins Morecambe South beach....

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9. Bispham Beach, Blackpool

Bispham Beach.Sandy beach. Blackpool tramway runs along the length of the sea front at Bispham....

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10. South Shore Beach, Blackpool

South Shore Beach.The south shore is a sandy beach but is more famous for The Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the other side of the road rather than the actual beach....

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Blue Flag Beaches

In addition to this list of our top Lancashire beaches, Lancashire has 1 Blue Flag awarded beaches and many more seaside awards.


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