Top 10 Shetland Islands Beaches

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1. West Voe Beach, Sumburgh

West Voe Beach.West Voe is a sandy crescent that is very different from it's pebble exposed neighbor of Grutness beach. The beach is backed by marram grass sand dunes and has some spectacular views and cl...

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2. Grutness Beach, Sumburgh

Grutness Beach.Grutness beach is a south-east facing beach close to Sumburgh Airport and the ferry terminal for Fair Isle. The beach is a pebble beach with some large rocks and some sand. These large rock...

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3. Kirk Sands Beach, Papa Stour

Kirk Sands Beach.Kirk Sand is a small quiet beach on the island Papa Stour which is the 8th largest in the Shetlands.  The beach faces south onto Papa Sound and is sandy lower down with pebbles at the high tid...

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4. St Ninians Isle Beach, Bigton

St Ninians Isle Beach.This sandy beach links the Shetland mainland to St Ninians Isle. The 500 metre stretch of sand is the UKs largest active tombolo - a deposition landform in which an island is attached to the...

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5. Scousburgh Sands Beach, Scousburgh

Scousburgh Sands Beach.Scousburgh Sands beach is a sandy beach that is adjacent to the fresh water Loch of Spiggie of the RSPB manages as a reserve for wintering wildfowl. Scousburgh Sands is also known as S...

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6. Quendale Beach, Quendale

Quendale Beach.Quendale beach is sandy beach and one of the longest on the Shetland at around a kilometre in length. The beach is backed by sand dunes and the bay has rocky headlands....

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7. Sands of Brekon Beach, Isle of Yell

Sands of Brekon Beach.Brekon sands beach is a white sand beach protected by rock headland on the North of Yell. The beach is backed by grass covered sand dunes. Some nice walks around the headland....

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8. West Sandwick Beach, Isle of Yell

West Sandwick Beach.West Sandwick beach is a sandy beach backed by sand dunes and grass on the west of Yell. The beach also has some rocky outcrops to explore and a burn crosses the beach to the sea....

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9. Levenwick Bay Beach, Levenwick

Levenwick Bay Beach.Levenwick Bay beach is sandy backed by grassy areas with some rock pools. The beach is a North facing bay....

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