Top 10 Isle of Man Beaches

Here are The UK Beaches Guides top 10 Isle of Man beaches. Our rating is based on two factors: the amount each page is viewed and any reviews submitted.

1. Garwick Bay Beach, Garwick

Garwick Bay Beach.The beach at Garwick Bay lies at the end of Garwick Glen, one of the prettiest glens on the Island, situated in the valley at Baldrine. The beach is shingle and rocks and popular with walkers and f...

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2. Port Grenaugh Beach, Port Soderick

Port Grenaugh Beach.Port Grenaugh is a tiny cove situated on the islands east coast, roughly half way between Douglas and Castletown. The beach is a mix of sand and shingle with plenty of rocks to explore....

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3. Douglas - Central Beach, Douglas

Douglas - Central Beach.Douglas - Central beach is a sandy beach in the heart of the town....

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4. Summerhill Beach, Douglas

Summerhill Beach.Summerhill beach is a sandy town beach at the northern end of the Douglas bay and promenade....

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5. Kirk Michael Beach, Peel

Kirk Michael Beach.Kirk Michael beach is a long stretch of sand/shingle under the cliffs. Popular location for coastal and beach walks....

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6. Laxey Bay Beach, Laxey

Laxey Bay Beach.Laxey bay beach is a sandy beach running from the river mouth and harbour to Old Laxey backed by a promenade....

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7. Castletown Beach, Castletown

Castletown Beach.Castletown Bay is a horseshoe of sand ideal for wind based watersports....

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8. White Strand Beach, Peel

White Strand Beach.White Strand beach is the larger of a few remote beaches (Cain's Strand, Will's Strand) north of Peel. The beach is sand and shingle backed by grass covered cliffs....

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9. Fenella Beach, Peel

Fenella Beach.Fenella Beach is one of the two beaches in Peel seperated by the breakwater and harbour, a small sandy beach overlooked by Peel Castle. Peel is the Isle of Man's only city with a long his...

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10. Port Cornaa Beach, Ramsey

Port Cornaa Beach.Port Cornaa Beach is a pebble beach within a small cove at the end of a valley that has Gob ny How to one side. If you choose to visit you may well get this beach to yourself. You have a fr...

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