Top 10 Dumfries and Galloway Beaches

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1. Mossyard Beach, Kirkcudbright

Mossyard Beach.Mossyard beach is a small sandy beach with rocks on the north side of the mouth of Fleet Bay....

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2. Dhoon Beach, Kirkcudbright

Dhoon Beach.Dhoon is a sandy beach approx. 350m long within Kirkcudbright Bay, and also known as Dun Mill Bay. The beach slopes gently into the water making it a great swimming beach although it all but disapp...

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3. Carrick Bay Beach, Dumfries

Carrick Bay Beach.Carrick Bay beach is a sandy remote unspoilt beach....

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4. Killantringan Bay and Knock Bay Beach, Stranraer

Killantringan Bay and Knock Bay Beach.Knock Bay and Killantringan Bay contain a rural continuous sandy beach which extends to over 1km. You also some small patches of sandy beach to the north of Knock Bay. The southern part of Killantr...

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5. Stranraer Marine Lake Beach, Stranraer

Stranraer Marine Lake Beach.Stranraer Marine Lake beach is a sandy beach to the side of the port....

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6. Brighouse Bay Beach, Kirkcudbright

Brighouse Bay Beach.Brighouse Bay is a small sandy sheltered beach....

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7. Annan Beach, Annan

Annan Beach.Annan beach is a shingle beach and an important wildlife area....

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8. Ross Bay Beach, Kirkcudbright

Ross Bay Beach.Ross Bay has a selection of beaches with sand, shingle and rocks....

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9. Ardwell Bay Beach, Stranraer

Ardwell Bay Beach.Ardwell Bay beach is a sheltered and sandy cove popular with families. Interesting rock pools provide a good distraction for youngsters. Also popular sea fishing location with a slipway to ...

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10. Powfoot Beach, Annan

Powfoot Beach.Powfoot does not really have sand and is a combination of salt marsh and mud. Care should be taken when walking out a low tide. There is a small strip of shingle beach along the coast to th...

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